An Almighty Celebration of the Gtard!

February 11, 2011

After almost 6 years of bitchtastic dancing the World Record breaking Real Hot Bitches are cryogenically freezing themselves until the next 80s revival.

Bitch Mistress Candy le Coque is off to sail the ocean waves while co founder Rockit has begun a new life, emulating Florence Nightingale.
“It is going to be sad to hang up our g-tards one last time, so to ease the pain we are inviting fans to join us for one last lycra- love fest- dance- bomb on 19 Feb at the Southern Cross”.  Says Candy.

“Expect to see our greatest dance hits, including Vienna, Hit it Hard, Run to the Hills, Edge of 17, Push It and many many more.  Bring you best dance moves as DJ Apa Hutt will be in the house.” Says Rockit.

The Real Hot Bitches began in 2005 with the motto of ‘what we lack in technique, boy do we make up for in passion’  and have gone to reinvent the comedy dance genre in there four sell out shows, In Bed with the Bitches, Around the World in 80’s Outfits, Rock around the Bitchmas Tree and The Fierceness.
‘They have been amazing experiences, seeing people overcome their nerves and go way out of their comfort zones.. and that was just the audience.’  Explains Rockit.

The RHB’s have pushed it at the Big Day Out, broken world records in Christchurch, danced like everyone is watching at the Cuba Carnival, and inspired hundreds of closest dancers to get out of their lounge rooms and on to the street. International chapters in London, Berlin and Melbourne turned bitchin into a worldwide phenomenon.

“It is incredible to think back to that fateful day in 2005, when we waited at the dance studio with baited breath, hoping that people would turn up, that 6 years later the Real Hot Bitches would have done so much for so many and be responsible for the dramatic increase in sales of second hand leotards in the lower North Island of NZ” continues Rockit. 

‘We’ve made some amazing friends along the way,  Maxine, Randi Knights, Cherry Ripe, Sasha Hot Sauce, Bambi, Lee-roy, Mystique, Coco, CJ Luvtodance, Diamantina, Pearl Lusta,  Gem,  Megatron, Cyndi, Jemappelle Jeff,  Zontelle, Hellsta Murgatroyd, Tiffney, Desaree, Trixie, Debrelle, Rex, Mercedes, Shakka cum, Storm, Demi Lightening, Cher Mycock, Stevie Rose and Bonnie Lee are just few that spring to mind.’ Adds Candy.
“Finally before we drag run outta here we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have helped us get to that point and most especially the  Real Hot Bitches who have made one of our dreams become a lycra clad reality” Say Candy and Rockit.

Bitch out.

The Real Hot Bitches  ‘Celebration of the Gtard’ 19 February 8pm Southern Cross Bar.


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